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Hello! I'm Coco Pommel, Fashion Designer hopeful and assistant to Rarity! Got any questions for me?

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Thanks to everyone who participated! 

Please bear with me since I’m super busy - it may take several weeks to several months to finish all these. Thanks again.

I have messaged the blogs. If you do not respond with a request in 3 days I will automatically draw another winner.

After the great things that happened with Heavenly Motion (my first official fashion line, made under my name!), I’ve been given a couple weeks off.

Rarity’s in her third year at the University of Equestria, Canterlot, and she’s telling me she wants to be some kinda doctor in the future!

I’m currently helping Rarity study for the EMCET - or the Equestrian Medical College Entry Test! Though Twilight’s been getting more and more annoyed, since we’ve been staying in the library late into the night every day this week… 

I’ve worked with all sorts of materials before, including these… Life Fibers. Really curious material, if you want my personal opinion.

I’ve worn clothes of all kinds of materials! Cotton, Nylon, Wool, Silk, and more!

This, though.

…this feels different.

Better quality original image

Better quality GIF

Anon, how did you get into my house again? It’s the 3rd time I think… or 5th? I don’t even remember anymore…

Guest Artist Kyle’s Tumblr

Maybe for you, Choco, it would be nice, but for a normal pony I don’t think it’d work… also, some ponies may not be able to resist wearing candy clothing… they might just eat it all.  

Although for you… I like the idea. Let’s meet sometime?

Guest Artist Kyle’s Tumblr