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Hello! I'm Coco Pommel, Fashion Designer hopeful and assistant to Rarity! Got any questions for me?

I’ve worked with all sorts of materials before, including these… Life Fibers. Really curious material, if you want my personal opinion.

I’ve worn clothes of all kinds of materials! Cotton, Nylon, Wool, Silk, and more!

This, though.

…this feels different.

Better quality original image

Better quality GIF

Anon, how did you get into my house again? It’s the 3rd time I think… or 5th? I don’t even remember anymore…

Guest Artist Kyle’s Tumblr

Maybe for you, Choco, it would be nice, but for a normal pony I don’t think it’d work… also, some ponies may not be able to resist wearing candy clothing… they might just eat it all.  

Although for you… I like the idea. Let’s meet sometime?

Guest Artist Kyle’s Tumblr

"…I don’t feel comfortable."

A bustling metropolis. A place where young, starry-eyed little ponies come from all over Equestria to have a shot at making their dreams a reality. 
This is Coco Pommel’s city. In between her daily work as a clothing designer, the craziness of Manehatten always seems to catch her when she is most unaware. 
These are the Tales from Manehattan. 
((I’m starting a new series of updates alongside the story. Obviously, the story locks me into drawing certain things. This series is supposed to stimulate my creativity and give me the chance to do some cartoony, humorous sketches when I feel like it’s difficult to draw the story updates! From now on all guest updates are automatically added in this series, and I myself will be adding to this.))

"Even my pet rock, Boulder, ran away from me when I was a filly. A rock!"


((Guest update by Hiimine!))